Logo Design Competition 2021


Indian Council for Cultural Relations offers around 3500 scholarships every year to students from abroad for studying Under-Graduate/ Post-Graduate and Ph.D courses in India in the field of Arts, Commerce, Science excluding Medical Science. The students on completion of their courses return to their country as Cultural Ambassadors of India in their own unique ways.

ICCR has a strong presence of such students (alumni) worldwide. There is also a need for developing a strong and continuing relationship between the alumni and the alma mater so as to benefit each other socially, academically and professionally. In order to bring together the Alumni of ICCR on the same platform, ICCR is in the process of creating an online portal. The portal will reflect the inclusive policy of India "Vasudhev Kutumbakam”.

In this connection, the Council announces designing the logo contest for the said portal which shall reflect the mandate of ICCR and simultaneously have a connect with the Alumni of ICCR who are from different countries,spread all over the world.

For participation in the Logo Design Competition for Alumni Portal,
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