Archive Tenders

Sr. No. Title Tender Id Refrence No. Details/Download Date of Issue Last date of Submission Due Date Extended Corrigendum
1 Quotation for air freighting One Bust from New Delhi to Mission of India to UN Geneva 2024_ICCR_745200_1 ICCR/BS/2023-24 Download (English)(1.23 MB) No -
2 Quotation for providing one month residential training programme in Yoga 2024_ICCR_743976_1 ICCR/ICC/Oth/70/2023-ICC Download (English)(1.82 MB) No -
3 Tender for 9th edition of Delhi International Jazz Festival 2024_ICCR_743848_1 ICD/292/Jazz/2023-24 Download (English)(3.31 MB) No -
4 Tender for installing Bronze Bust or Statue of Hansa Jivraj Mehta at Geneva, Switzerland dt 31Jan 2024_ICCR_743751_1 ICCR/BS/Geneva/2023-24 Download (English)(1.12 MB) Yes Download (303.77 KB)
5 Quotation for the Sector Delhi to Birmingham UK 2024_ICCR_744642_1 ICCR/CH/BCU/2023-24 Download (English)(1.18 MB) No -
6 Quotation for for Air-freighting /Transportation, etc. of busts from Delhi 2024_ICCR_743818_1 ICCR/BS/2023-24 Download (English)(1.4 MB) No -
7 Tender to print NCERT Books in Hindi for ICCR 2024_ICCR_743438_1 PI-LIB0PUR/1/2023-HLP Download (English)(475.38 KB) No -
8 QUATION FOR AIRFREIGHT FROM DELHI TO TASHKENT 2024_ICCR_743605_1 ICCR/CH/SSU/2023-24 Download (English)(1.2 MB) No -
9 Quotation for airfreight of 150 kgs etc from Delhi to UK 2024_ICCR_740268_1 Ch./BCU/2023-24 Download (English)(1.11 MB) No -
10 Tender for Book Courier service to Embassy of India Syria for ICCR 2024_ICCR_739955_1 PI-PUB/4/2023-HLP Download (English)(421.9 KB) Yes -
11 Tender for the purchase of NCERT books in Hindi for ICCR 2024_ICCR_739949_1 PI/LIBOPUR/1/2023-HLP Download (English)(507.4 KB) No -
12 Inviting quotation for 7th edition of India International Ramayana Mela from 18 to 21 Jan 2024 2023_ICCR_737908_1 ICD/292/Ramayana/2023-24 Download (English)(3.78 MB) No Download (244.05 KB)
13 Tender for printing of G20 coffee table photo booklet for Hindi Sec ICCR 2023_ICCR_737693_1 HLP/BOOKLET/TENDER/2023 Download (English)(7.66 MB) No -
14 Tender notice to supply various requirements like light sound etc for ICCR 2023_ICCR_736272_1 CS/Annapurana/05/23-24 Download (English)(1.1 MB) Yes Download (1.14 MB)
15 Quotation for airfreight of 150 Kgs from Delhi NCR (India) to Samarkand, Uzbekistan 2023_ICCR_735824_1 ICCR/CH/SSU/2023-24 Download (English)(1.11 MB) No -
16 Tender for Support and Maintenance of ICCR Website with integration of layered Website Portal pages 2023_ICCR_734632_1 ICCR/EGIT/64/2017-18/VOLIII Download (English)(703.74 KB) Yes Download (45.87 KB)
17 Quotation for airfreight of 150 Kgs from Delhi NCR (India) to Birmingham (UK) 2023_ICCR_735728_1 ICCR/CH/BCU/2023-24 Download (English)(1.12 MB) No -
18 Notice inviting quotation for the transport of unaccompanied baggage for ICC Section ICCR dt 17 Nov 2023 2023_ICCR_734650_1 ICC/HVT/06/2023-24 Download (English)(1.02 MB) No Download (156.56 KB)
19 Tender for Hindi Magazine Gagananchal ICCR 2023 2023_ICCR_733970_1 Hindi/Magazine/Gagnanchal/2023 Download (English)(450.85 KB) No -
20 Quotation for sector Chennai to Mauritius 2023_ICCR_734374_1 ICCR/CH/MGI/2023-24 Download (English)(1.11 MB) No -